Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Goop with Sprinkles!

We love cornstarch goop.  It's safe, fun, and easy to clean up. 


 We start with two parts cornstarch to about one part water.  Here I think we had about two cups of cornstarch and one cup of water.  I let G work at stirring it together and then I help a little.  Cornstarch goop mixes together better if you dig in with your hands.  :)

Once we have it mixed up we push it around for a little while and pick it up and drop it and watch it melt into a puddle.  It's very mesmerizing. 

 Then to keep our interest in the project we added some food coloring.  Adding color was new for G and she enjoyed it a lot.  Although I did panic a little when I realized it was staining her fingers and we were having a special photo shoot with Grandma the next day.  Thankfully it all came off!  So that's my warning, be careful with the food coloring! 

It's so fun and pretty to pull the dye through the goop. 


Eventually we had green goop and we played with it for a little while more.

 Then I had the brilliant idea of adding sprinkles.  G loved shaking the colored sprinkles in herself.  :)

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